Good Friday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

My original home country is deeply orthodox Christian country, where people take religion seriously, obey all religious holidays, follow numerous long and short lents, celebrate Easter and Christmas at fullest.

However, I have never seen anything like what I saw yesterday. Not in my home country Georgia or anywhere else.

A well organized, fully orchestrated and I am sure numerous times rehearsed parade of Christianity marching from the center of San Miguel de Allende. Carrying statue after statue of Jesus Christo, Archangels, Angles, Mother Mary, crosses, glass coffin with statue of Jesus Christo. All statues were put on pedestals and pedestals were covered with fresh flowers, lilies of colors of lilac, white. Road was covered in wild chamomile flowers, live music and songs were played as procession moved along.

I loved seeing the women with mantillas, a traditional Spanish and Latin American liturgical lace or silk veil/ shawl over the head and shoulders,  over a high comb, a peineta. Wearing high heals and white gloves.

It was a moving example of unity, love, true equity and unconditional love of Jesus Christo shining from participants and from the pubic which gathered around much ahead of the time before procession started. Only superiority was given to older women who were leading segments of procession. As it should be!

Parade continued over 2 hours. As they were finishing, street cleaners were there already cleaning and fixing, for the day to come.

Photos and videos are worth a thousand words, expresses everything much better than any words.





















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