Easter-Time Ritual

The burning of Judas is an Easter-time ritual held by Orthodox and Catholic communities. Effigies of Judas Iscariot are burned, hanged, flogged or exploded with fireworks. Once widely practiced across Europe, now it can be seen only in Greece, Portugal and Spain. The Spaniards and Portuguese spread the tradition around their colonies and it is still celebrated in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile and The Philippines. Strange thing is that it was all sort of mummies hanging. One looked like grigo. I was told, sometimes San Migeulian’s hang politicians they do… Read More

Palm Sunday in San Miguel de Allende

Palm Sunday is held 7 days before Easter Sunday. So, this post should have appeared last Sunday, or at least this week Monday… But, I had been really busy recently. Could not process photos. That’s why I am posting it today – the day of another big holiday which is Good Friday. Today also happened to be a cherished holiday by Orthodox Christianity, which usually falls within the Easter celebration time. This day in Gerogian language is called ხარება, in Russian language it is called – Благовещения. In English it is referred… Read More

Day and Night at San Miguel de Allende

This is how most of our mornings start. Roosters  crowing: “cock-a-doodle-do” Doves cooing, cooeding Birds chirping, whistling Hot air balloons so close flying by At times I can see people in the basket Sun rolls over mountain My tea getting could Its chilly, early mornings.   This is how day ends Not too often, clouds are here View from roof top terrace, Above the city…. But if they are They come directly from behind mountain Effortless to see them from our little casita Darkness takes over sky Settles down step by step… Read More

Things One Can See Only in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Dear reader, as you can see San Miguel de Allende is very interesting and at times exotic place to be. My name is Nanna Smith.  I am a recent transplant to San Miguel de Allende, where I moved with my husband from San Francisco. I would love to help you as you look for real estate in San Miguel. Prior to our move, I did extensive research about neighborhoods and real estate in San Miguel to help me understand where I wanted to live. I am now on the ground here and can… Read More


Georgia Ranked #4 Among 48 European Countries Based on Food and Drink. Georgia sits in the middle of the ancient spice route between Europe and the Middle East and Asia, so the country’s dishes are imbued with an incredibly rich and unique use of herbs & spices, like cilantro and dried marigold, that are used in combinations not seen in the other individual regions and are layered for bold, but balanced dishes. And the pinch-hitter of those dishes is khachapuri, a boat-shaped pastry filled with a glorious amount of melted cheese and… Read More