Easter-Time Ritual

The burning of Judas is an Easter-time ritual held by Orthodox and Catholic communities. Effigies of Judas Iscariot are burned, hanged, flogged or exploded with fireworks. Once widely practiced across Europe, now it can be seen only in Greece, Portugal and Spain.

The Spaniards and Portuguese spread the tradition around their colonies and it is still celebrated in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile and The Philippines.

Strange thing is that it was all sort of mummies hanging. One looked like grigo. I was told, sometimes San Migeulian’s hang politicians they do no like, sometimes do not know whom else. All sort of “people” who stand on they way,  It was in total 12 mummies hanging ready to be exploded by firework belts.

I witnessed exploding three of those and after I left. Apparently, this time they didn’t name them, just who donated them.

Gringo looking

Devil looking

Not sure whom this represents




Spinning and spinning

And at the end blows off into small pieces. See video above.

Details of who is who can be found here


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