Today I want to write about such a simple act of household as doing laundry and arranging clothes to dry on our terrace. We do have a laundry machine, laundry is not done by hand. However, it is arranged by hand on hangers, and it is secured by hand with clothes pins. (We had hard time finding both – hangers and clothes pins. Hangers we found at Bodega Aurora and clothes pins we found at Abarrotes on 20 De Enero Street, where we go for fruits.) Do you know that arranging cloths… Read More

Easter-Time Ritual

The burning of Judas is an Easter-time ritual held by Orthodox and Catholic communities. Effigies of Judas Iscariot are burned, hanged, flogged or exploded with fireworks. Once widely practiced across Europe, now it can be seen only in Greece, Portugal and Spain. The Spaniards and Portuguese spread the tradition around their colonies and it is still celebrated in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile and The Philippines. Strange thing is that it was all sort of mummies hanging. One looked like grigo. I was told, sometimes San Migeulian’s hang politicians they do… Read More

Good Friday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

My original home country is deeply orthodox Christian country, where people take religion seriously, obey all religious holidays, follow numerous long and short lents, celebrate Easter and Christmas at fullest. However, I have never seen anything like what I saw yesterday. Not in my home country Georgia or anywhere else. A well organized, fully orchestrated and I am sure numerous times rehearsed parade of Christianity marching from the center of San Miguel de Allende. Carrying statue after statue of Jesus Christo, Archangels, Angles, Mother Mary, crosses, glass coffin with statue of Jesus… Read More

Life Force

Chi same as prana, same a life force, same as energy always flows in and out. Its everywhere around us and in us. Once its stops moving the live ends. As long, as we are alive it moves in and out in constant circular motion, just like our planet itself. Take some time out from the busy life. Just sit. Just breathe. Sit in solitude. Try solitude even though it may be hard for mind. You may cry first, or you may lough. Feel or imagine energy coming in and out;  more you can… Read More


Below is Yoga class opening I did with the theme of “Santosha:” It is said that the back of your body’s trunk is your past, and the front is your future. When sitting comfortably, you don’t want to lean back towards your past nor do you want to lean forward towards your future. You want to be in the present moment — Yoga Now. Keep this in mind in your comfortable seat. Place both hips evenly on the floor, elongate your spine, roll shoulder blades up first, then back and draw them… Read More