Designing Arts


I am a self-thought photographer, sculptor and designer. My art is my representation of the reality around me coming from my eyes and directly from my heart. I come from a long line of artists on both sides of my family and from the culture filled with artists, artisans and art creations.

Art which is not unusual or twisted, doesn’t personally touch me. I create unique, one of a kind, functional art pieces which are my photos framed in particular unique way. Very often I use antiques pieces to frame my art. Sometimes I paint over my photography which creates one of kind pieces as they can never be reproduced. I also like hunting antiques shacks for unique pieces which can be later re-used to make a functional piece, such as tables, laps, candle holders, or just what would come in mind while looking at the piece through my blurry eyes. I like natural, organic, mostly untouched woods, which I paint and create an artful piece with mix media – clay, recycled wrought iron, recycled car parts. I also design handbags.

As a woman I have very special relationship with handbags and hope you as reader too. Each handbag is handmade and designed by me personally. I use natural materials to create my bags, handmade fabrics and I recycle, re-purpose and re-use fabrics from my upholstery person. In between my creations I sell everything what looks, feels unusual or gives interesting feeling of emotion. That includes jewelry, which is also is handmade by artists, unique posters and everything in between.

I am also Yoga & Qi Gong teacher and Reiki healer and I Ching Hexagrams Reader

More about my art is here

My shop is here

For additional information on to purchase prints and jewelry please contact me directly.

Call 203-858-6727, or email me.

Thank you, Nana

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