Brush Stroke

Learning is a complex process. Sharing your knowledge with others brings satisfaction. Knowing that others understood and appreciated your knowledge brings fulfilment and closure to all the doubts we teachers have daily: do I have enough knowledge to teach? Am I good enough to be allowed to share what I know with others? And then you go in class, you go and take teachers place and here you see a clear willingness to learn…   This is a small painting I did today. I was experimenting with drawings for a while; but now I… Read More

Day and Night at San Miguel de Allende

This is how most of our mornings start. Roosters  crowing: “cock-a-doodle-do” Doves cooing, cooeding Birds chirping, whistling Hot air balloons so close flying by At times I can see people in the basket Sun rolls over mountain My tea getting could Its chilly, early mornings.   This is how day ends Not too often, clouds are here View from roof top terrace, Above the city…. But if they are They come directly from behind mountain Effortless to see them from our little casita Darkness takes over sky Settles down step by step… Read More

Things One Can See Only in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Dear reader, as you can see San Miguel de Allende is very interesting and at times exotic place to be. My name is Nanna Smith.  I am a recent transplant to San Miguel de Allende, where I moved with my husband from San Francisco. I would love to help you as you look for real estate in San Miguel. Prior to our move, I did extensive research about neighborhoods and real estate in San Miguel to help me understand where I wanted to live. I am now on the ground here and can… Read More

Demeter and Persephone – Mothers and Daughters Stories

The story of Demeter and Persephone can be summarized in few words as bellow: “It’s a story about love, relationships, family bonds, grief, loss, and a renewal of hope. In ancient Greek mythology, the Demeter and Persephone story tells of the deep connection a mother shares with her daughter. It also tells the story of a young girl who comes of age and falls in love with the dark god of the underworld. It represents the fading of innocence as a young woman charts her way into maturity to forge her destiny… Read More

The things you may not have thought about before moving to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

We also had hired a person, a long time resident of San Miguel who was helping us to evaluate areas in San Miguel de Allende before renting and she offered activating internet service for us even before we arrived. We agreed. All sounded great, except it did not work near to what I thought it would be. Once we arrived, the person aka my assistant (I will be referring to her as my assistant moving forward, since this is how real estate agent referred to her and kinda liked it) reached out to me and asked what is the first thing… Read More