Below is Yoga class opening I did with the theme of “Santosha:”

It is said that the back of your body’s trunk is your past, and the front is your future.

When sitting comfortably, you don’t want to lean back towards your past nor do you want to lean forward towards your future.

You want to be in the present moment — Yoga Now. Keep this in mind in your comfortable seat. Place both hips evenly on the floor, elongate your spine, roll shoulder blades up first, then back and draw them towards each other, slightly tuck your chin in so that your head is just above your shoulders, and your shoulders are above your hips, place your hands on your knees.

Breathe comfortably on your own count. Feel present at this very moment on your mat.

We all set our own intentions for our yoga practices, but tonight I would like to offer you to join our energies to set one additional intent for all of us, which is “Contentment.”

We all know what the word contentment stands for. But how we can repeat the feeling of contentment day after day?

One of the ways to experience it, is to return ourselves to the stage of true contentment we all have experienced many times in duration of our lives.

Remember a feeling of being in love? We all were in love at least once; some of us even were in love more than just once. This absolutely blissful stage of contentment, then all we want to do is to smile?

Or remember the feeling when a child holds your hand, or shows you his or hers drawing of the sun? Remember this blissful stage of being?

So, we all know how contentment feels, but we keep losing this feeling continually.

One of the ways to keep contentment present is, to see it as a practice.

The level of contentment may not be the same day after day, there will be good days and bad days, but as long as we keep reminding ourselves how grateful we are, and keep appreciating into what we have now – in our minds or stating it out load – we are practicing “Contentment.”

Few other ways to put contentment into practice into real world are:

  1. Practice to seeing what is true satisfaction
  2. Practice building appreciation
  3. Practice cultivating and maintaining constant curiosity
  4. Remembering blissful moments of our lives

Or Build your own list of how to practice it and share with us!





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