Practicing Qi Gong is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Learn Shaking Body Like a Tree as one of Qi Gong practice:

Come on your toes

Land down and feel the ground with your feet

Your feet sink

Your shoulders sink

Your chest sinks

Ground Qi from your tail bone all the way to the ground

First put your hands around bally bottom and feel Qi

And now let your stomach sink too

Feel it and now let your neck head rise, without pulling shoulders up. You can tack slightly chin in.

Everything sunk, but head and head pulls up towards heaven

And once you lean how to control but at the same time to let it go you fell energy

Concentrate and start shaking

Your feet shake

Your buttocks shake

Your stomach shakes

Your waist shakes

Your shoulders shake

Your neck shakes

Your hands shake

Your face shakes

Your cheeks shake

Your mouth shakes

Your hair shakes

Keep shaking till you feel that you are losing the sense of time and thoughts are gone and your are in standing, shaking meditation.

Note: to release tension in the bally area, go around belly button with gentle pushing movement with your fingers and feel if there is any tension around it; stay on this spot and massage it gently, till tension dissipates.

This post was inspired by last night strong winds

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