Practicing Qi Gong is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Learn Shaking Body Like a Tree as one of Qi Gong practice: Come on your toes Land down and feel the ground with your feet Your feet sink Your shoulders sink Your chest sinks Ground Qi from your tail bone all the way to the ground First put your hands around bally bottom and feel Qi And now let your stomach sink too Feel it and now let your neck head rise, without pulling shoulders up. You can tack slightly chin in. Everything sunk, but head and head pulls up towards heaven And… Read More

Bagua – Eight Symbols

I have made commitment to study The Book of Changes, or Yi Ching in depth, and so Chinese medicine. I had first introduction class. Teacher requires to make notes and I have decided  to try to have them (notes) as small blog posts. I have dyslexia and I cannot write or make notes, it just confuses me. But I can type. …and if I can keep up with blog notes, I will have them as great reference pages I can always turn to. Its just a matter of finding time to type, which… Read More