Brush Stroke

Learning is a complex process. Sharing your knowledge with others brings satisfaction. Knowing that others understood and appreciated your knowledge brings fulfilment and closure to all the doubts we teachers have daily: do I have enough knowledge to teach? Am I good enough to be allowed to share what I know with others? And then you go in class, you go and take teachers place and here you see a clear willingness to learn…


This is a small painting I did today. I was experimenting with drawings for a while; but now I have molbert and brushes and paints and I can dare to go further. I do not know why working on this art brought philosophical thoughts above, but it did!

As my mother would say, everything happens for reason.

It is not signed, and I am still thinking title.

Title suggestions are welcome.



4 Comments on “Brush Stroke

  1. Nana, I like this very much…. Years ago, I taught High School art in the Public School System… getting students ready for college and Art Schools. I hold NY State & NJ Permanent Teaching License.. I am taking a painting workshop in July with my friend Florence. She is a well established painter & sculptor. Nana, my birthday was so wonderful and spectacular… & a Huge surprise.. I am so blessed. I like your painting very much 😘💕 Sent from my iPhone


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