Swimming Dragon

Yoga is not acrobatics or gymnastics. Though there is nothing wrong to be an acrobat or a gymnast, and most of the time postures do look stunning, but it’s not yoga ‍♂️

Yoga is mindfulness, yoga is breathing, yoga is moving with your breath, yoga is concentration, for sure it’s not a competition. Unite with yourself, with your breath, take control over voices in your head and you can see timeless yoga has no age restriction. Anybody and everybody can do yoga. You do not have to be the most trained person in the world or have six packs, or go on your head.

I was debating to post these photos or not, but then I told myself hey, you want to teach yoga, than BE YOGA. So here they are. I am performing parts of “swimming dragon” on a rainy day in the park.

Swimming dragon is a form of  ancient Taoist yoga.




Yoga is a power too and it’s a tool which can carry one through so many different life scenarios.


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