Palm Sunday in San Miguel de Allende

Palm Sunday is held 7 days before Easter Sunday. So, this post should have appeared last Sunday, or at least this week Monday… But, I had been really busy recently. Could not process photos. That’s why I am posting it today – the day of another big holiday which is Good Friday.

Today also happened to be a cherished holiday by Orthodox Christianity, which usually falls within the Easter celebration time. This day in Gerogian language is called ხარება, in Russian language it is called – Благовещения. In English it is referred as Annunciation. The day when Mother Mary received good news that she had conceived Jesses Christ.

Back to this post, which I am posting late, but the day of big holiday for Catholic population – Good Friday and Orthodox population – the day of Annunciation.

Thousands and thousands of residents and tourist participated in last Sunday of celebration. This is a day when Jesucristo arrives to Jerusalem on his donkey. As Jesucristo was entering Jerusalem people were greeting him with Palm leaves. Nowadays participants in these day processions carry palm leaves, palm crest which symbolically connects them to the original day of Jesus Christ entering Jerusalem. They walk behind a statue of the Christ sitting on the donkey. Statue is representation of hope, renewal and faith and a blessed future.

All day long there are prayers, songs, dances all around San Miguel de Allende.

Photos below represent this day in San Miguel de Allende. Old and young, kids and teens, all participating walking together, all celebrating.  Teen’s choir singing the story of the Christ.

As faithful procession was carrying statue of the Christ, at the same time another group of people enjoying celebration in Centro, where people were just walking, singing and dancing on the streets.

Ken and I, we also participated in this day. I got palm crest, we walked procession, and we even had a glass on wine in little wine bar, just around the corner from the main Cathedral.

As I was sitting at the end of the day and sipping my wine, I thought about this Holy Day and how good it felt to see all these people celebrating with no fear of any evil. Inadvertently, I remember the day, Ken and I went in New York City to see the Christmas Tree on Rockefeller’s Plaza and how scared I was and how uneasy I felt surrounded by masses of people.

In any rate, I am glad it felt so good here. Celebrations continues and I will have more to post later today and/or tomorrow.

For the ones who do not know Orthodox Church celebrates Easter one week late. Easter here in San Miguel is April 9, and in Orthodox Christianity countries – Georgia being one of those Easter is April 16.

Those below are my palm leave crosses standing tall in our apartment.

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