The Night of Altars in San Miguel de Allende

Last Friday of Lent is when the Virgin of Sorrows is honored with beautiful altars in homes and public places. This is a relatively new tradition, when residents of San Miguel de Allende decorating their homes from inside out, creating altars (some works of art). Opening their doors for neighbors and just wanderers to come and pray with them. They also offer some snacks, water, colored ice, ice-cream. Families, kids, teenagers, young and old – all were out and about last night. Attending altars, praying, but more than anything else sampling ice-creams, sugary waters, all around Colonia of San Antonio. It was heartwarming to see community to come together to pray, to talk, to offer.

This altar is next to a mall local store – Frutas, Verduras, Aborotes – where we go to buy our produce. Store is run by young couple. Every time we buy produce, they give something for free. It can be cilantro, few little avocados, cabbage head, once we got even pineapple (piña) for free.

Same store owner had tent put out and was giving away little snacks, water, ice creams.

This is altar next to “aborotes” we go to buy mild, juice, cheese and fruits. The owner of shop is next to the cooler there she had ice. She gave us ice cream too. This is one of the most hard working women I have ever meat.

Those are our neighbors

Lady of Sorrow overlooking our street Orizaba

This is altar next “aborotes” we go to buy mild, juice, cheese and fruits.

Below is old but well written poetic article about this event.

Click here to read

And below is a short video I took last, since many altars are accompanied by music.

Dear readers, all blogs written by me and me only. Spelling mistakes are not due to the lack of education. English is my third language and now I am learning Spanish too. Thus, no judgments please and enjoy blogs.



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