Yoga class closing piece I wrote which is inspired by JP Harvey song. Fall triumphed my doorsteps Above the oak tree From its golden redhead Down, down, down towards the earth Praying, for summer To go in dorm for nine months rest Yet, to leave room for winter And then spring and its bright colors For me to plant a rose Underneath the oak grove, Grow, grow, grow And fall to come back Above the twisted oak grove With its divine scarlet colors And here is the song which inspired me! Enjoy  


Below is Yoga class opening I did with the theme of “Santosha:” It is said that the back of your body’s trunk is your past, and the front is your future. When sitting comfortably, you don’t want to lean back towards your past nor do you want to lean forward towards your future. You want to be in the present moment — Yoga Now. Keep this in mind in your comfortable seat. Place both hips evenly on the floor, elongate your spine, roll shoulder blades up first, then back and draw them… Read More