….I was told, in my dream, that there was a treasure for me in Baghdad, buried in a certain quarter of the city on such and such street.” The name of the street… that he said was where this man lived! “And the dream- voice told me, ‘It’s in So-and-so’s house. Go there and get it!’” Without knowing, he had described the exact house, and mentioned this man’s name! “But I didn’t do what the dream said to do, and look at you, who did, wandering the world, fatigued, and begging in… Read More


  true power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader ~ young pueblo  

Hari Om Namo Narayana

Exquisite, powerful version of Hari Om Namo Narayana. True Duende. One of my favorite interpretation by Niranjana Srinivasan! Hari om namo narayana Om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana Om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana Hari om namo narayana I bow down to the divine     Look, it cannot be seen – it is beyond form. Listen, it cannot be heard – it is beyond sound. Grasp, it cannot be held – it is intangible. It is called… Read More

The Dream is a second life.

“The Dream is a second life. Never can I pass without a shudder through those gates of ivory or horn which separate us from the invisible world. The first moments of sleep are the counterpart of death: a kind of nebulous sluggishness paralyzes our thinking, and at some instant which we cannot precisely determine, the self, in another form, continues the work of our existence. This is a kind of subterranean realm which is gradually illumined, and where the pal…e, grave, immobile figures who inhabit the land of limbo emerge from shadows… Read More

A Bija-Akshara – a Seed Letter

A Bija-Akshara is a seed letter and is a very powerful Mantra. Every Devata has his or her own Bija-Akshara. The greatest of all Bija-Aksharas is OM or Pranava. It is the symbol of the Paramatman Himself. OM contains within itself all the other Bija-Aksharas. There is no Mantra superior to OM. This trilateral sound is only an expression or manifestation of the highest primal Dhvani or vibration. Generally, a Bija-Mantra consists of a single letter but sometimes it constitutes several syllables. Some Bija-Mantras are made up of compound letters, such as the Mantra Hreem. Their meaning… Read More