Georgia Ranked #4 Among 48 European Countries Based on Food and Drink. Georgia sits in the middle of the ancient spice route between Europe and the Middle East and Asia, so the country’s dishes are imbued with an incredibly rich and unique use of herbs & spices, like cilantro and dried marigold, that are used in combinations not seen in the other individual regions and are layered for bold, but balanced dishes. And the pinch-hitter of those dishes is khachapuri, a boat-shaped pastry filled with a glorious amount of melted cheese and… Read More

Why Georgia (The Country) Is The Next Great Food And Wine Destination (Part I)

The Motsameta Monastery in Kutaisi, Georgia Adam Morganstern I only had to learn two words in Georgian to enjoy my way around the country: “thanks” and “cheers.” There were other phrases I’d prepared, but with all the endless food, wine and genuine warmth that was thrown my way, I was about three days into the trip before I even needed to say anything else. I’m not sure people even knew I wasn’t Georgian. There is wonderful hospitality around the world — and then there is Georgian hospitality. So for your next food,… Read More

Why travel with me to Georgia?

Because photography lovers will not have enough time to photograph all amazement streets, buildings, people Georgia has to offer. And they want to come back over and over and over. Because nowhere else can one hear sounds like that: Chakrulo (Georgian: ჩაკრულო, transliterated: chak’rulo) is a Georgian polyphonic choral folk song. It is a three part drinking song from the region of Kakheti, dramatizing preparations for a battle. It is characterized by two highly ornamented individual vocal parts, against a slow moving drone chorus. When Georgian vocal polyphony was recognized by UNESCO as… Read More

Georgia on the Vine

If you think jug wine is a laughing matter, the joke’s about to be on you. It’s one of the things that sets the wine from Georgia (the country, not the state) apart: Much of it is fermented in clay jugs—but this isn’t the handle of cheap Chianti you’ll find at the corner liquor store. People are starting to catch on to the region’s enchanting wines: Take a good look around, and you’ll find more restaurants and wineshops selling the stuff. And you’ll hear a growing buzz among natural wine enthusiasts who… Read More