My Story in Few Words


I hold a Ph.D. in Physics from Tbilisi University, the leading national university in my home county of Georgia. I moved to Stamford, CT, twenty two years ago to be close to my two sons, who had emigrated to study in USA when they were teenagers.

I have had a passion for yoga as well as for a physically active lifestyle since I was a young woman. Before I discovered yoga, I went from skiing, to running, to boxing, and to karate. But soon I realized that although all these high impact sports were deeply pleasurable and brought a great deal of physical and spiritual satisfaction to me, they also negatively affected my body, bones and joints, and often led to injuries.

I returned to yoga about 7 years ago, after practicing it many years ago back home in Georgia. At this time, I could not walk up and down the stairs due to knee pain and was considering surgery as a remedy. I was in also in the pre-osteoporosis stage, with my overall bone density dangerously low and deteriorating fast.

Since then, I have been practicing yoga every day. Yoga practice helped me with my knee recovery, and slowed and reversed my bone degeneration. Now I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and teach a weekly yoga classes in Stamford and Darien.

I am also a certified Tai Chi Instructor for arthritis with Thai Chi for Health Institute. Their certifications  are recognized by USA and Canada hospitals and similar health facilities. I assist my Thai Chi teacher in classes  and we conduct weekly workshops in Stamford in order to educate people about the benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga Nidra, which is a guided deep mediation technique.

I am also 101 Thai Body Work Therapist and I am a certified Chakra Therapist. Both of these practices enable me to structure my classes around the special needs and requests of my clients.

In my free time I enjoy walking, taking photos, reading, designing jewelry. I am also a very proud mother of two sons, both of whom live in California.

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