Can anybody help me?

I have made commitment to study The Book of Changes, or Yi Ching in depth, and so Chinese Medicine. I had first introduction class. Teacher requires to make notes and I have decided to try to have them (notes) as small blog posts. I have dyslexia and I cannot write or make notes, it just confuses me. But I can type.

And If I can keep up with blog notes, I will have them as great reference pages, I can always turn to. It’s just a matter of finding type, which is triple time for me due to my dyslexia.

So below are notes from my introductory class.

Part II

  1. What is Bagua
    8 symbols which consist of yin and yang, or 0 and 1; Yi Ching has super power if you know Bagua

2.   Why we want to learn Yi Ching.
  The answer is vast, need to type separate page for it.

3.  How to learn Yi Ching
Learn the basics first. Learn applications of symbols – this has to be done with great care. Stay humble.

Chinese medicine

  1. The theory:
    Which on its own has 4 pillars to support the theory
    Yin and yang understanding
    5 elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, water.
    2. How to diagnose
    3. How to apply
    Chi – energy to heal others, requires highest level of training

  • To learn basic Chinese words.

And here he gave me very cool symbol, which I am trying to figure how to draw with computer.

So below is this very cool symbol. Upper portion of it stands for haven and lower portion of it stands for constantly changing colors.


Problem with it,  I do not remember what this symbol stands for!

Can anybody help me?

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