I feel pain and I am not Yogi today!

I applied to teach Chair Yoga and Qi Gong to seniors  at upcoming senior living center in Stamford; probably 45 days ago. I was told, that operation manager will  contact me for interview and this is when I can bring my resume in. Between the day of applying and now I followed up once and was told again I will be contacted for interview.

I get this email about an hour ago:

“June 4, 2018

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you for with our company.  It is always difficult to choose among the many candidates whom we interview.  After careful consideration, we have offered the position to another candidate. 

We will however, maintain your resume in our active files for a period of one year and contact you should the need for further interviews arise.

Again, thank you for your interest in our company and wish you every success. 


Danielle Marques

Business Office Director”

I am disappointed beyond words. It is still not clear to me: is it because I did not get this  job or is it because this email is such a clear example of corruption.

I never was interviewed, I never even was called for interview, I have not given my resume out and I never did presentation for Yoga and Tai Chi.


  • If I never did any of the above, why on the hell they are thanking me FOR GIVING THEM OPPORTUNITY to interview me?
  • If I never did any of the above how they could have chosen other applicants over me (AS HARD IS IT MUST BE TO CHOOSE AMONG THE APPLICANTS, my case must have been the easiest one, since nobody interviewed me!)
  • If I never did any of the above, how they are going to KEEP MY RESUME ON FILE, they simply do not have it!
  • What consideration! This position was already GIVEN to ONE candidate probably even before I or myself like applied to it.

17 years ago, I run from very corrupted country to America. Back then, I would have never imagined, even in my worst dreams, that America may heading towards corruption, but it does!

I feel pain, I want to cry and I am not Yogi today!

Definition of Yogi – according to Paramhansa Yogananda, a yogi engages in a definite, step-by-step procedure by which the body and mind are disciplined, and the soul liberated.

Featured image is  from pixenay.com

 P.S. On the top of all, there is a grammar mistake in this email.


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